Notoriously Morbid Glass Apples Tint and Eyeshadow Swatches

Hello again, old friend. Black Friday was a great success, and I’ve finally got my order from Notoriously Morbid. I went overboard and ended up with six Coffin Kissers and a Tint, but it’s k. I grabbed a blogger pack and damn. Glad I did.

Ordered: November 27
Shipped: December 25
Received: December 30

I had previously ordered from NM, but asked to have my order canceled (it had not shipped yet) so I could take advantage of the sale. She happily obliged and answered very fast.

What I ordered minus the Kissers and Tint, plus a Morbid Mistake and the Black Friday GWP.

Left- Bare Skin Right- Shitty Elf Eye Primer (white base)

Gilded Mirror

Gilded Mirror is this lavender purple with a light gold duochrome. It’s breathtakingly beautiful. My swatches don’t do it justice.


Boca del Infierno

Boca del Infierno is a matte burgundy that blends like a dream. It might not look like much, but it’s quite impressive IMO.

Sometimes My Arms Bend Back

This is a subtle, shimmery champagne. I can see this as a highlight for your face or the inner corner of your eye.

My Log Saw Something

In the baggie, My Log Saw Something is this ugly, ugly brown. When applied however, wow. It’s similar to AFK’s Bronze V. This one and Gilded Mirror are my favorites.

Hearts of Black Lace

This looks blacker than black, but there is a hint of burgundy if you’re paying attention. The name is quite fitting. Very pretty.

Glass Apples Lip Tint

This smells good. It’s a sort of childish apple, something you’d find in a Lip Smackers. It’s a tad grown up, but still young. That made zero sense. It’s not a sophisticated apple, but still something most of us would appreciate.

Staying Power + Comfort: Ehhh. For about twenty minutes it feels neither drying nor hydrating, but towards the end it feels uncomfortable to wear. It’s not my favorite, but not my least favorite.

Bare Lips

With the tint.

Overall, I’m super pleased. I wasn’t expecting to love the eyeshadows as much as I did. I would definitely order again.


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