The Body Needs Review

A few weeks ago, a user on IMAM posted a sale for The Body Needs shop- 40%. Well. I caved. It was in the name of buying my mom gifts, I promise. (AKA I bought one thing for her and maybe the rest for me. Oops.)

I bought a grab bag (a set of full size eyeshadows for a dollar, wtf), two blushes (a dollar each, wtf), two MAC depotted samples (again, a dollar each, wtf), and one of their daily? specials where it was one cent (wtf). For seven items, plus an extra $1.52 off from the 40% sale, I paid $6.23 and $5 for shipping for a grand total of $11.18. Aww yisssss.

Since I didn’t review either lip product I got in the order (TBN’s own brand), I won’t say anything. However, they are scented with a really artificial, childish scent. It’s like… Lipsmackers watermelon or cherry. I can’t place it, but it’s definitely something you’ll have encountered before in a juvenile product.

In order from left to right: Free sample, dollar grab bag, and then my regular order.

Look at how cute this packaging is. They tied this cute lil’ bow on it.

They offer MAC samples of lipstick, glitter, pigment, and other various products. Dunno how they do the lipstick, but my suspicion is melting it and then depotting that. I applied it with my finger, and there were little chunks of lipstick that moved around until I smushed it down. No idea, but that seems reminiscent of melting. Plus the texture and how it was packaged. My problem is that it doesn’t seem very… sanitary? I know my pictures are crap quality, but in both of my MAC samples, there was product on the outside that was from the spoon or spatula or whatever they used. They scraped the side to get the sample off of it.

Unopened, but look at the product leaking out.

Opening it was pretty unappealing, too.

Hmmm. Appetizing.

It was a far cry from my free sample, a little clamshell of their brand’s lipstick. It looked fine in comparison to this… mess.

Ooo, pretty untouched surface.

Moving on, I’m swatching the blushes. They are all TBN’s own brand of products.

I really like this container. You put your finger in the little divot and then the bottom part (that contains the blush) moves away from the lid. It’s very easy and doesn’t require any strength.

From top to bottom: Coral Caress, Passionate Kisses, and Ruby Kiss. Swatched under artificial yellow light.

There’s tons of sparkle in all three of them. It’s noticeable, I would say. I would say Coral Caress is pretty neon pink, Passionate Kisses is more lilac purple and deeper in color, and Ruby Kiss is more deep and a sort of darkish pink in real life.

They had different surfaces, no idea why. Coral Caress, a “Crush Pot”, had a very rough surface; same with Passionate Kisses, a “Pressed Blush”. But Ruby Kiss, also a “Crush Pot”, had the commercial pressed surface (all the little lines and squares).

I personally like these. They were on clearance for a dollar, and are 2g. The pigmentation is good, and you can build them up or blend them out, as I did.

Another shot with bonus cat for color balance (duh!).

Its hard to tell, but it says “The Body Needs” underneath the heart. I think it’s cute they have their own stickers for sealing eyeshadows. 🙂

These shadows were in the dollar grab bag! Be careful when opening and getting the product out though. I tapped mine a little too hard and eyeshadow went spurting out like when a whale blows water out of its blowhole. Oops.

Top to bottom: Flaming Cherries, Cadence, Bombay, and Enchant Me blended, and Enchant Me not blended. Swatched under artificial pinkish light.

Cadence and Bombay are not matte- they are shimmery and contain glitter. Cadence has blueish white glitter and Bombay has pink glitter.

More accurate pic of Flaming Cherries.

I can’t say I was impressed with any but Bombay, which is beautiful. But really, you can’t beat their price. I think they are nice basics, but nothing to write home about.

In the end, I think this was a great deal for some nice things! A few misses, but not that it matters. They have great value for anyone starting out.


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