AFK Cosmetics- Lip Tints and Eyeshadows

AFK Cosmetics recently got Leaping Bunny certified, and so she held a sale. I leaped at the chance because League of Legends. Support is my favorite role :’)

I got five samples and two lip tints. For a sweet surprise, my Look, You’re Leaking was upgraded to a full size. Blitzcrank goodness ❤

Ordered: Oct 26th
Shipped: Oct 29th
Arrived: Oct 30th

The cutest thing you will ever see.

So adorable. The packaging was very well done!

Look at the little ghost sticker on the lip tint!!! Eek.

My eyeshadow samples!

Blitzcrank goodness! <33

I squealed when I saw this. I know Dena does her own artwork and arghh. So cute! I’m a support main so this is right up my alley.

Smoke and Mirrors and The Thorn’s Embrace

These are indeed lip tints! They’re very sheer and hard to build up. It’s very perfect for me. I love how subtle they are on my lips.

The swatches aren’t exactly what you’ll get; it sheers out to a very thin layer. Perfect for, well, layering. I love the scent, it’s sort of a cakey vanilla. They’re very moisturizing, but with no flavor!

The Thorn’s Embrace and Smoke and Mirrors

The eyeshadows are swatched over Nyx Milk on the left, and Elf Eyelid Primer on the right. Plug: The eyelid primer is great. It’s white with giant globs of sparkle, perfect for sparkly eyeshadows.

In artificial light.

Drink Nuka Cola, Solar Flare, Bronze V, Female Titan, Suicidal Bastard and Look, You’re Leaking from top to bottom.

In indirect natural light.

The eyeshadows are super beautiful and pigmented. There wasn’t much fallout, but it was easy to remove! Keep in mind I used a little less than normal + it’s blended out, so they’re much more pigmented in real life.

I’ll definitely be trying them out in the future and buying more from AFK Cosmetics. ❤


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