AFK Cosmetics- Lip Tints and Eyeshadows

AFK Cosmetics recently got Leaping Bunny certified, and so she held a sale. I leaped at the chance because League of Legends. Support is my favorite role :’)

I got five samples and two lip tints. For a sweet surprise, my Look, You’re Leaking was upgraded to a full size. Blitzcrank goodness ❤

Ordered: Oct 26th
Shipped: Oct 29th
Arrived: Oct 30th

The cutest thing you will ever see.

So adorable. The packaging was very well done!

Look at the little ghost sticker on the lip tint!!! Eek.

My eyeshadow samples!

Blitzcrank goodness! <33

I squealed when I saw this. I know Dena does her own artwork and arghh. So cute! I’m a support main so this is right up my alley.

Smoke and Mirrors and The Thorn’s Embrace

These are indeed lip tints! They’re very sheer and hard to build up. It’s very perfect for me. I love how subtle they are on my lips.

The swatches aren’t exactly what you’ll get; it sheers out to a very thin layer. Perfect for, well, layering. I love the scent, it’s sort of a cakey vanilla. They’re very moisturizing, but with no flavor!

The Thorn’s Embrace and Smoke and Mirrors

The eyeshadows are swatched over Nyx Milk on the left, and Elf Eyelid Primer on the right. Plug: The eyelid primer is great. It’s white with giant globs of sparkle, perfect for sparkly eyeshadows.

In artificial light.

Drink Nuka Cola, Solar Flare, Bronze V, Female Titan, Suicidal Bastard and Look, You’re Leaking from top to bottom.

In indirect natural light.

The eyeshadows are super beautiful and pigmented. There wasn’t much fallout, but it was easy to remove! Keep in mind I used a little less than normal + it’s blended out, so they’re much more pigmented in real life.

I’ll definitely be trying them out in the future and buying more from AFK Cosmetics. ❤


Kheimistrii Body Souffle and Kreme Body Moisture Review

About a month ago, a redditor posted on IMAM about this great little indie company she found, brand spankin’ new: Kheimistrii. Man, that is so hard to spell. Anyways, she was holding a 40% off sale so I figured, “Why not?” and ordered three body lotions. Shipping is weirdly expensive and so the 40% off only really paid for shipping and ten cents off of the whole purchase, lol.

2 oz jars are surprisingly small. Hmmm. Apologies for the lighting, this was at night!

To give you an idea + a rundown of what I bought:
Dark Shadows Macadamia Body Souffle 2 oz.
4.50 + 2.50 shipping
Kimberley Rose Kreme Body Moisturizer
4.50 + 1.50 shipping
Ginger Glace Kreme Body Moisturizer
4.50 + 1.50 shipping

My subtotal was $14 + 5.50 shipping. The discount took off 5.60, so in total it was 13.90.

Of course, IMAM flooded her with orders and she had some difficulty processing 80 orders suddenly. I’m super happy for her, but… oops. Anyways, her TAT shouldn’t reflect mine. She sent me a message saying that she was overwhelmed, which was nice. I asked again on the 24th when it would be ready, and she said she was actually packing and shipping it the next morning. I received a shipping notification, sure enough, but the tracking # didn’t exist. When it did, all it said was pre-shipment info was sent. It wasn’t actually received by the post office for another two days.

Ordered: Oct 12th
Shipped: Oct  27th
Arrived: Oct 29th

She gave me insured, tracked, two day packaging. No idea if that’s standard or if it was compensation for waiting so long.

Enough with my rambling… let’s go!

Dark Shadows Macadamia Body Souffle
Fragrance notes: primal pomegranate, white patchouli, opopanax, olibanum, purple plum, aged oak, black currant, vanilla ambrosia and honey nectar

This sounded awesome, but… alas. It smells like pomegranates, but deeply artificial and very… weird. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the oak, patchouli, opopanax, olibanum… you get the gist. It’s meh. Very meh. It turns powdery and grandma-y on me. I sort of say that for everything, though.

Pros: Well. If you want to smell like a primal grandmother, this is great for you. (Oh god.)
Cons: Sigh. Sorry, love, but I have to heavily disagree with your description: “Macadamia Souffle has a light & fluffy texture and does not leave behind an oily film. Easily absorbed into the skin, leaving behind a silky after-feel.” It was EXTREMELY greasy. Literally the greasiest thing I have ever used. Greasier than Bath and Body Works, and that is pretty damn greasy. It took 40 freaking minutes to absorb into my skin. My skin doesn’t feel any smoother, silkier, or better. And it STILL had a film. I judge things whether they leave a fingerprint on my phone when I touch it and sweet mother of Jesus, if I committed a crime with this body lotion on, they’d have so much evidence because FINGERPRINTS WERE EVERYWHERE.

Just… skip this. I can’t really think of any pros except smelling like a primal grandma. I mean, if that’s your thing go for it.

Kimberley Rose Kreme Body Moisturizer
This is not the musky rose fragrance that you get by sniffing the beautiful bouquet. Not to be mistaken for your mama’s rose-scented eau de toilette floral water from back in the day. This is a rose like no other. Fresh, hand-picked Bulgarian roses, intermingled with just-cut Dune & Musk roses. set atop santalum, rained on by vanilla accord, sprinkled with cocoa bean, resinous amber, star anise & musk, and grounded with earthy green moss.

Sounds great, right? Non-musky rose? Sign me up. Unfortunately, it smells exactly like musky rose. Oh well, creativity for the description.
Pros: Well. It feels moisturizing. I can’t comment for this one’s moisturizing power; the smell was too artificial and powdery I had to wash it off.
Cons: The smell, obviously. I’m not really a fan. Other than that, the same complaint as the Dark Shadows Souffle.

Ginger Glace
Spicy ginger, enveloped by crunchy sugar crystals, sprinkled with amber and enveloped in the cool richness of vanilla cream.

Hmm. This… this is alright.
Pros: It smells like ginger, obviously. If you’ve ever eaten Thai food, you know what ginger I’m talking about. It’s sharp, surrounded by other spices, and accompanied by coconut. This is what it smells like, sort of.
Cons: Obviously Thai food isn’t what a person is going for when they order this, but it’s what it reminds me of. Still greasy and still long wait to absorb.

With my order, I got three little bars of soap in way-too-big plastic bags. They seem to all smell the same, but that’s probably because they were in a bag together for three plus days.

Overall, I was really let down. This is my first indie purchase for lotion and things, and I should have let others review it first. But here my forewarning to y’all. Pick and choose carefully, avoid the Body Souffles, and you should be alright. Kheimberley is a sweetheart with a gorgeous name. I feel bad not liking her products, but this is an honest review. Hopefully she reformulates and changes some things! Kheimistrii has so much potential, and I really hope she uses it all.

Edit 11/17/14:

I’d like to take a moment and add a few thoughts. I’ve been using the Ginger Glace lotion a few more times since I published this (the other two are untouched because the smell is just so… undesirable).

The containers she uses are not very good at sealing. Lotion ended up leaking everywhere in my bag, as well as forming a crust of dried lotion. All. The. Time. This is best used in a stationary place.

As it gets drier and deeper into winter, the lotion absorbs faster, but it still is not quick by any means. It takes about thirty minutes.

The smell and absorbency rate are really what’s keeping me from buying again. I’d also like to point out she’s raised her prices.

I don’t think my thoughts have really changed on her products.

Alkemia Perfumes GC ft. my hate for Au Lait

With the awesome success concerning HoG, I decided to grab some Alkemia samples. They were 5 for $10, with free shipping. I asked for County Fair, Au Lait, Blessed Bee, Elixir of Aphrodite, Midnight Garden, and Vixen for my sixth free sample.

County Fair, Au Lait, Blessed Bee, Elixir of Aphrodite, Midnight Garden, and Vixen.

Ordered: October 5th
Shipped: October 7th
Received: October 9th
Pretty good for across the country. I thought it would take ages.

Oh boy, here we go.

County Fair
The nostalgic scent of an old-fashioned American carnival midway – pink cotton candy, hot kettle corn, freshly fried dough, candied apples, and saltwater taffy.

Initial Sniff This smells very similar to Mango Sticky Rice, with just a hint of something floral in it. It most definitely doesn’t smell like a fair, but more of a confectionary.

Wet It smells like warm, buttery sugar. I can smell the kettle corn, but it’s what the sugar smells like, not the popcorn.

Drydown Its scent doesn’t change at all, but my skin chemistry seems to be really compliant with what I put it.

I like this; it’s an alternate for MSR that is less coconut creamy and more buttered sugar. It’s not mind shattering, however.

Au Lait
A cozy, ultra-cuddly blend of rich, creamy milk swirled with tonka, wild honey, and a touch of caramelized brown sugar.

Initial Sniff Oh my lord, this is the worst thing I have ever smelled. It smells like rotten milk. Not just rotten milk, but milk that’s been out for days. Weeks. Months. Let it be known this is horrible. Instead of prison time, we should just make them spend time in a room with this wafting around. I’m like 99% sure this will reform America.

Wet I refuse to put this on me.

Drydown Never would I let this be on me long enough for it to dry.

No. Just no. Say no to Au Lait. I don’t care if you do drugs, just don’t buy this perfume. That little heart on the ‘i’ is so deceptive. Don’t be fooled, guys.

Blessed Bee
A blend of three honeys – pure, sweet, golden, naked.

Initial Sniff I’m not exactly sure of the difference between naked honey and pure honey, but this just smells sweet. It doesn’t have a trace of honey, if I will be honest. This just smells like a regular sweet perfume.

Wet Honey. Who would have known. Jk, it’s super grandma-y.

Drydown It’s just… icky. It doesn’t have any honey to it. It turns into 80 year-old grandma on me.

Maybe it’s the naked honey messing everything up. If honey is naked, does that mean there is no honey? Can we take a moment and ask ourselves, what even is naked honey? It’s just probably another name for raw, but that’s not the point.

Elixir of Aphrodite
Luxurious love spell of Persian apricots dipped in orange blossom honey swirling with a sensual enchantment of peach and plum blossoms, mimosa, white star jasmine, ambrette, guiac wood, and vanilla musk.

Initial Sniff Besides the intense stare of Aphrodite in the picture, this perfume smells exactly like Lush (bath and beauty store that smells like headache and death.) I hate how Lush smells, so this was ugh. It’s just as strong, too. I can catch the peach, I think, with a crapton of wood and musk.

Wet It’s like Lush decided to camp out on my wrists.

Drydown I rubbed this off. I couldn’t stand this scent at all.

It gave me a headache. 😦 If you want to smell like Lush, though, by all means, go for it.

Midnight Garden
A lunar intoxication of night-flowering white flowers – tuberose (flower of dangerous pleasures), lily (flower of majestic beauty), honeysuckle (flower of binding love), gardenia (flower of secret passions) and moonflower (flower that inspires dreams of love). Hauntingly beautiful.

Initial Sniff I had really high hopes for this one since the description is so, so nice. But it smells like Lush, too. 😦 It’s less intense, but with tons more sweet and floral notes. The honeysuckle is pretty prominent… But other than that, I can’t tell anything else apart. It probably doesn’t help that I don’t know what those other flowers smell like.

Wet I started getting a headache. The scent was unidentifiable.

Drydown I stood it for about ten minutes, but in the end I took this off, too. I wasn’t really a fan.

Great if you want to smell like flowers. Just know that they’ll be extreme flowers. Whatever that means.

A captivatingly shapeshifting blend of sexy white amber and luminous late summer night blooming florals awakened by warm caresses of autumnal spice, golden musk, varietal apple peel, sugar pumpkin, jasmine tea, and a whisper of woodland mosses.

Initial Sniff I like it in the bottle. Not sure how amber can be sexy, but I definitely smell autumn spice and pumpkin.

Wet It ramped up to a lot of musk and pumpkin. Mm, musky pumpkins. 😉

Drydown This one actually changed on me. Or rather, I tolerated this long enough for it to react. The spice completely faded (boooo!) and then it was just like the other perfumes.

Once this is dry, it just smells generic.

I’m kind of disappointed. The only one I ended up liking was County Fair. They all smell the same, TBH. Even County Fair, which doesn’t even remotely smell like flowers. This is good if you like generic, strong, grandma-y, semi-floral-y scents, but I don’t. I hear from IMAM that they’re very close to name brand perfumes and mainstream ones, so give them a try if you think you’ll like it.

Haus of Gloi Perfumes- GC and Autumn 2014

With my first blog post (ever!), I figured I should start with the favorite scents I’ve received so far: Haus of Gloi.

On my first order, I grabbed Litchi Milk Tea and Mango Sticky Rice.
Shipping for samples is free, so I took advantage of that!
I had trouble opening these, but luckily they came in a nice cloth bag. I put the bag over the cap and then use it to bend the cap open so I can safely open the bottle without making a huge mess.

Ordered: September 21st
Shipped: September 25th
Arrived: September 29th

Mango Sticky Rice & Litchi Milk Tea! Pumpkin Queen was my sample. :)

Mango Sticky Rice
Sweet mango, coconut infused rice and toasted sesame.

Initial Sniff Right from the bottle, I could tell how intense it is. It smells nothing like mango, but more creamy coconut, but not really, if that makes sense.

Wet Sillage is pretty high, I could smell it filling the room. It’s got a sort of sickly sweet smell with a strong spice to back it up. It smells exactly how it does in the bottle.

Drydown The sillage fades to a faint smell. It’s still strong, and I caught it when I moved my wrists around, but it’s no longer filling the air with its scent. The coconut really comes out and it’s slightly less creamy. I first smell the coconut, then the sesame in the background.

This lasted around 2 hours. It fades to something reminiscent of its drydown. It’s warm, slightly coconut-y, and smells delicious. It’s a comforting scent that isn’t too gourmand-y. Unfortunately my skin seems to suck this one up very quickly. 😦

Litchi Milk Tea
Tart lychee fruit and black tea met with a splash of coconut milk.

Initial Sniff
It’s perfume-y, but with a tart twist. A sort of tart perfume, if you will. It goes from tart to the black tea. It does smell like black tea! If you’ve ever had a bubble tea without the milk they put in, this is what it smells like. I don’t agree with the “milk” part of their title since it definitely doesn’t have any cream in the scent.

Wet The tart floral comes out right about now. Surprisingly, sillage isn’t too bad. It’s very close in proximity.

Drydown It dries to this sort of tart lychee sweetness with floral notes and tea. However, the floral notes do seem very prominent.

I love this scent. My friend says it’s grandma-y but I disagree heavily. The tart does disappear after about two hours, but it’s by no means unpleasant afterwards. This completely disappeared about 5 hours in.

Pumpkin Queen
Gentle hay pillows, pumpkin, ripe peaches dusted with clove and nutmeg, dried summer herbs, and lastly, a lovely crown of amber.

Initial Sniff To many people’s chagrin, I actually do not enjoy fall scents. This smells like the inside of Michael’s (Chain craft store we have in the US.) It DOES smell like fall, but I’m not too keen on smelling like a craft store, haha. I think it’s perfect for a lot of other people though. I can catch the spice of this, along with the peaches initially. The amber is very predominant and strong; the air around me smells of amber and some of the spices and herbs. I can catch a bit of pumpkin in the background, but it’s very faint.

Wet It smelled the same, honestly. The amber was very prominent.

Drydown I took this off twenty minutes in because I could not stand the scent anymore. It’s not for me.

With my body chemistry reacting perfectly with LMT and MSR, I decided to indulge a little more and order three more samples. Indie Makeup and More really pushed Ghost Puffs and Spider Silk, so I grabbed those in their restock. I also ordered Golden Corn Cakes and received Pumpkin Eater as my free sample.

Ordered: September 28th
Shipped: September 30th
Arrived: October 3rd
Ghost Puffs, Golden Corn Cakes, Spider Silk, and Pumpkin Eater!

Ghost Puffs
Buttery popcorn and marshmallow goo orbs, presented on a wooden stick.

Initial Sniff I was SO excited to smell like a marshmallow; I think many of you will definitely agree with me. It smells like buttery marshmallows- like the marshmallow yams on Thanksgiving. It smells pretty sweet and warm initially. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Wet This is where everything goes wrong. I could still smell the marshmallow and butter, but I caught a whiff of… plastic? Something sweet and EXTREMELY artificial.

Drydown 😦 This was a huge disappointment. My body chemistry turns this scent into sweet burning plastic. I had to wash it off, it was disgusting.

This was the saddest disappointment after all the hype. It has nothing to do with HoG though, just my own body chemistry. /cries

Spider Silk
Procured from a dream: delicate water mint, wispy grey musk, crystalline webs of amber, oakmoss, torchwood, copaiba resin, and a touch of withered violet leaf.

Initial Sniff Man, I really, really don’t like this. It has a very fresh, sort of strong spice-y, incense-y scent. It’s not overpowering, but it’s enough to make me dislike it.

Wet It smells the same as the initial sniff, but more concentrated. The resin, amber, and musk really amps up.

Drydown It had really intense sillage. I put it on and I could smell my wrists as I was on my laptop. I ended up wiping this off before I went to bed. It was very, very pungent, but not enough to give me a headache.

I wasn’t a fan, but this is definitely something someone somewhere will appreciate.

Golden Corn Cakes
Corn cake baked to a golden perfection, topped with butter and honey.

Initial Sniff My god, this is what heaven smells like. It’s so strong and so sweet, but man I want to lick my wrists. The honey and cake take a huge forefront and blast your senses with this sugary blend. Afterwards, I smell a bit of the butter, but it’s mostly the other two main scents.

Wet It’s very cloying, and the sillage is insane at this point. The whole room just smells like someone dumped sugared butter on the ground.

Drydown Mmmmm. It’s still very sugary and pungent, but it’s more subtle. The scent doesn’t change at all for me.

I really like this. It’s different from anything I’ve ever tried!

Pumpkin Eater
Cream, glowing pumpkin, rich vanilla bean and the tiniest touch of nutmeg butter.

Initial Sniff Oddly enough, I like this one even though it’s fall themed. I’m glad this was sent to me, it was an unexpected surprise. It smells gourmand-y, like a toned down version of Golden Corn Cakes (like, wayyyy toned down.)

Wet It smells very creamy and rich. The nutmeg is definitely at the front, with the pumpkin.

Drydown It’s like a very sweet, creamy spice. I wouldn’t say it’s a tiny touch of nutmeg… more like a very present background scent.

It lasted around 6 hours, but was super faint at the end. I really liked this one.

Overall, I was very pleased. HoG doesn’t seem to alter itself on my body chemistry at all when concerned with gourmands (excluding the horror of Ghost Puffs), so it’s very nice to have that little perk! Shipping was fast since I live in California, they gave me a cute little card, and then some candy as well. (What are they called? They’re really good!!)

HoG was my first dive into indie perfumes and I’m so glad I chose them. 🙂